Mind Advent Tutoring: Bridging the Reading Gap for Struggling Readers

When Jamie asked, "Why am I not smart like everybody else," that was a crushing moment.

Her mom asked, "Why do you believe you're not smart?"

Jamie replied, "Well I can't even read so good and I'm slow and sometimes I just don't know how to say the words on the page and sometimes they just all seemed joined together."

"It was time for a new solution to help Jamie. ..."

Not only did Jamie overcome reading difficulties and close the 2-year reading gap, but today she is thriving above grade level.

Do you know someone who is struggling to read?

Are you tired and frustrated with nowhere to turn?

You want to help but don't know what to do...?

Online Tutoring Services For Kids with Reading Gaps
Online Tutoring Services For Kids with Reading Gaps


"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." Prov. 22:6

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If you're struggling in the regular classroom...

If you find yourself making no progress in reading...

If you think there's no hope for you in your journey...


Mind Advent will turn your reading Struggles into Success!

With a passion for teaching and a heart full of compassion, I encountered a young student in grade two named Emma who was struggling with reading.

Emma was a bright and curious girl, but reading seemed to be a daunting challenge for her. Words on the pages of books seemed like a puzzle she couldn't solve. I noticed Emma's frustration and saw the determination in her eyes. I knew that with the right guidance and support, Emma could overcome her reading struggles.

I began by conducting a thorough assessment of Emma's reading skills. I identified that Emma had difficulty with phonics and decoding. I decided to create a personalized learning plan for Emma, combining various strategies to help her learn to read.

One day, Emma picked up a book she had struggled with before and started reading aloud. Her voice was clear, and her fluency had improved remarkably. A sense of accomplishment filled the space as Emma finished the story, and I couldn't have been prouder. Emma's parents were extremely proud of her.

The three months of dedicated effort had paid off. Emma had transformed from a struggling reader into a confident and enthusiastic one.

End Reading Struggles

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Why Choose Mind Advent?

  • Reading Success in Less than 3 months

At Mind Advent, we understand that reading is an essential skill that is required for success in all areas of life. That is why our program is designed to provide students with the tools they need to succeed.
Our program offers many benefits, including:
  • a tailored approach that is customized to meet the unique needs of each student
  • an expert instructor who is trained in proven reading strategies and techniques
  • a comprehensive program that is designed to close the reading gap in less than 3 months.
  • an engaging learning environment that makes learning to read a positive experience
  • compassionate, emotional, and mental support
    Choose Mind Advent and unlock your full potential.

A free screening Assessment that identifies your learner's unique skill gaps

✔ Analyze assessment and share results (free)

✔ Plan Customized lessons that train those skill gaps

✔ Implement our systematic, scientifically-proven approach strategies

✔ Successfully close the reading gaps in less than 3 months.

Many of our students improve an average of 2-3 grade levels.

Trusted by Families

"We were running out of options until we came here. My son had reading problems and was extremely depressed to be around his peers. Now he's reading and confident. You just can't put a Price Tag on that."

Don -GA

"My two daughters have struggled with reading for years. I decided to invest in their success to be good readers. I am so grateful for the joy they have and the boost of self-confidence in their ability to read without feeling embarrassed." Cyndy -New York

"I wasn't sure what to expect since the schools pretty much gave up on my kids. I took my friend's advice to get one-to-one tutoring with this company. I booked my kids for reading and later asked for other subjects. My kids are loving learning and their reading improved very much." Lacy -FL

"My Jamie cried every day. We did what we could at home but she was drowning in her classroom competing with 20 other kids in her overcrowded class to get the attention she needed. When I heard about Mind Advent, I knew I had to try something different that would give my child that one-to-one experience that focuses solely on her needs. My daughter is now a cheerful, successful reader above grade and beaming with confidence. I can't say enough thank you. Marrian Webster, Jamie's mom. NY


With innovative methods, Mind Advent is passionately connecting the ladder of reading between today and the future that depends on it.


Providing a customized ladder of reading to climb to other successes.

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  • Reading Success in Less

than 3 months.