Personalized Tutoring Services for Customized Learning

Mind Advent tutoring services come with the best price and value for each customized tutoring package.


1:1 session meets 1-2 times per week / 4-8 sessions per month

2 hours of individualized planning time for your goals assessments

You can upgrade to increase your number of sessions at any time

Additional support will be provided for the student at No cost to you. We will share materials and resources to increase success while challenging students to higher levels; you also get free assessments.

(Extra Savings-Resources and Ongoing Assessments range in price from $350-$1800 No Cost).

By comparison: Other tutoring centers promise to close the reading gap in one year. Calculate the cost and see how much time and money you will save at Mind Advent where we only charge $400 monthly.

*With over 10 years of experience and expertise as a former principal, certified education specialist, and teacher, I can close the reading gap in less than 3 months with our proven formula.

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Our plans are structured through a seasonal model of a 3-month commitment for optimum results and transformation for your child!

Seasonal Semester Sessions

Fall (September - December)

Winter (December - March)

Spring (March - June)

Summer (June - September)

We are here for you All Year.