Where is tutoring held?

Tutoring is held Online via Zoom

Students can learn anywhere and progress is made every time we connect online with no time lost for traveling back and forth. No gas is used for transportation.

The future of education has moved beyond the four walls. Students and families can feel safe in their own preferred space with access to quality education without the hassles.

A free screening Assessment that identifies your learner's unique skill gaps

✔ Analyze assessment and share results (free)

✔ Plan Customized lessons that train those skill gaps

✔ Implement our systematic, scientifically-proven approach strategies

✔ Successfully close the reading gaps in less than 3 months.

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a close up of a blue sign with a white arrow

Mind Advent Tutoring: Free Assessments and Steps to Close the Reading Gap

Mind Advent Tutoring: Customized Reading Package to Close the Reading Gap in Less than 3 months

Do you work with school districts or families only?

We work with both school districts and families.

What are your Tutoring Rates?

Mind Advent tutoring services come with the best price and value for each customized tutoring package. Example:

1:1 session meets 1- 2 times per week / 4-8 sessions per month

2 hours of individualized planning time for your goals and assessments

You can upgrade to increase your number of sessions at any time

Additional support will be provided for the student at No cost to you. We will share materials and resources to increase success while challenging students to higher levels; you also get free assessments.

(Extra Savings-Resources and Ongoing Assessments range in price from $350-$1800 No Cost).

By comparison: Other tutoring centers promise to close the reading gap in one year. Calculate the cost and see how much time and money you will save at Mind Advent where we only charge $400 monthly.

*With over 10 years of experience and expertise as a former principal, certified education specialist, and teacher, I can close the reading gap in less than 3 months with our proven formula.

When is payment due?

All payments are prepaid. (All payments are made before sessions).

How long is an Online Tutoring Session?

The length of an online tutoring session depends on age, attention span, and schedule.

Example: Sessions range from 30 to 60 minutes.

What if you miss a session?

The missed session/sessions will be made up at an available time that works for the teacher and the student.

How long will you need to receive tutoring?

This depends on your learning speed, dyslexia, or any other learning obstacle, attendance, and consistency in practice.

For Example: If your child is 1-2 years behind and you only schedule one-hour sessions weekly, it will take a little longer to close the gap. However, choosing 2-5 hours each week can cut the time significantly to

less than 3 months.

The schedule can vary depending on mild or severe dyslexia which can slow down a child's learning.

Learning speed also affects students’ progress because each child is different and learns at a different speed or may require more repetition. This can cause the child to take a little longer while ensuring positive results.

Consistency plays a big role in progress. When students are absent frequently, it becomes harder to close the reading gap or be successful in any subject. Attendance and participation are vital to achieving the goal.

Do you tutor during the summer months?

Yes, I offer tutoring during the summer.

Many students suffer from reading loss during summer and often return to school below grade level.

Summer sessions are effective especially when students don’t have other school projects to worry about so their minds can be free and open to learning more.

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